Commercial (Hospitality, Hotel, Business)

Seneca can provide custom made bed and bath linen for any commercial project, big or small. We also have a large range of core range items in our Seneca Home Collection which we can tailor to your requirements. These include:

  • Egyptian Cotton Sheets
  • 300 Thread Count Sheeting
  • Waffle Blankets and Duvets
  • Linen Sheets
  • Linen Duvets
  • Linen Bedspreads
  • Linen Cotton Blended Bedlinen 
  • Velvet Comforters and Coverlets
  • Vintage Marcella
  • Custom made duvets, bedspreads and towels. 

Whether you are after five star luxury or a more affordable option we can work with you to suit your requirements. With over 30 years experience in bed linen sourcing and manufacturing you can be assured we know a thing or two about bedding! 

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Seneca Commercial