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Mark Alexander
Artisanal craftsmanship

Mark Alexander is for those who appreciate a casual, elegant and pared-down interior. A typical client insists on a thoughtful approach to everything they choose to surround themselves with; architecture and interior design, painting and sculpture. Mark Alexander fabrics are not opulent or fussy, nor led by transient fashion, but are true to the materials from which they are made. They appear simple at first glance, but are the result of a thoughtful and sensitive approach from a design studio imbued with a knowledge of art and architecture, old and new. The spirit of the brand tends towards the modern interior, but its fabrics marry well with eclectic style and antiquity. 

Seneca is the exclusive distributor of Mark Alexander, available in New Zealand only 

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Mark Alexander Veranda Outdoor

Mark Alexander September 2023 - Collage III Wallcoverings

Mark Alexander September 2023 - Fabrics