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Vida by Seneca is our top of the range bed + bath linen. Made in Europe the home of fine linen all of our products in this collection are the ultimate in European quality and luxury. Our Vida Stonewashed Linen sheets and duvets are a permanent item in our Vida range. Each year we design new limited edition products that feature in the Vida range such as Vida Noite and the amazing Vida Coperta Cashmere and Merino blankets.


  • The Vida Stonewashed Linen is the ultimate in linen luxury because of the linen fibre. Our linen is grown in Belgium which is regarded as the best quality in the world, closely followed by linen grown in France. Vida Stonewashed linen is then sent to Portugal, the home of luxury textiles, to be woven and finished.
  • We searched the globe for two years to ensure we found the very best linen on the market. The Vida linen is dyed in one process, and stonewashed in another process to give the depth of colour and full bodied handle. We use only the finest yarns which have gone through an anti-pilling process and pre-shrunk.
  • The collection has grown to four colours and has many other coordinates to complete the look.
  • Our Vida Stonewashed Linen is the ultimate in European luxury. 
  • If you are a trade customer and would like more information or to place an order please contact we'd love to hear from you!


Not only will you have peace of mind, knowing that your bath linen is sustainably sourced and created, the quality of yarn and finish will see these products fast become a family heirloom in your home.
When Seneca selected the mills and materials for our Organic Collection, we knew our discerning buyers wanted quality products and ethical production in equal parts. What we have created is uncompromising on both fronts.
GOTS certification for our Organic Collection recognises that all ecological and social responsibilities are taken care of. These products are a sustainable choice. 

Our organic cotton is grown without using nasty chemicals and fertilisers and throughout the manufacturing process the highest standards are met. The resulting toxin free products we bring you are gentle on your skin and on the environment. 

Available from bed+bath linen retailers throughout New Zealand. See stockists.